Incorporated in June 2019 through a joint venture of Additec, a Las Vegas based technology company, and Sicnova, a leading 3D printing equipment distributor. Meltio proudly counts on the strategic support of ArcelorMittal, the largest steel producer in the world.

Meltio offers a high quality LMD (Laser Metal Deposition) process and provide to market 3 solutions. The Meltio M450 3D printer for simple 3 axis deposition, a 2 declination of the Meltio engine. The first one is the integration in any CNC environment. Also Meltio is partnering with HAAS bringing a tremendous advantage for users who want high-quality AM processes without the high capital investment in new machinery. The second integration can turn any robot in an Additive Manufacturing one, integrating the same engine as per CNC. Running AM with robot is ideal to build big sized parts.

CNC applications

ESPRIT CAM from Hexagon is now able to support all Meltio's solutions. From both in-house M450 and integrated CNC engine, ESPRIT delivers the same level of turnkey post-processor for AM equipment as per subtractive machining. The new Floor Deposition cycle has been developed based on feedback emerging from the close collaboration between Hexagon’s ESPRIT CAM team & Meltio's Engineering team. Both continuously improve and work on further developments to better serve the technology proposed by Meltio.

Robot Applications

Leveraging the established partnership between Hexagon & Alma, AM robot application can be supported with a dedicated bundle offer by the two brands. With the same level of commitment Meltio, Alma & Hexagon worked to deliver the best Hardware and Software solution for robot application, with Hexagon’s ESPRIT CAM for dedicated AM toolpath, Alma for robot simulation, collision check and post-processing and Meltio for driving the AM head.

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