Hybrid manufacturing workflow powered by Hexagon and Meltio

Hexagon presents an hour-long webinar about the hybrid manufacturing process which combines Hexagon's world-renowned Production Machining CAM solution - ESPRIT with Meltio's cutting-edge metal 3D printing technology. 
During the webinar, you will be able to learn more about Sivó, a Spanish industrial machine shop, and their hybrid manufacturing workflow powered by Hexagon's ESPRITCAM and Meltio.

Topics will include:

  • ESPRITCAM hybrid manufacturing software 
  • Meltio's cutting-edge metal 3D printing technology
  • Live demo of two hybrid manufacturing applications by Sivó
  • Q&A session

Join us for this webinar on 2nd December at 2.00 pm GMT to learn more about the above mentioned solution.


Clement Girard

Product Manager, Additive - Hexagon

Brian Matthews

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer - Meltio

Francesc Martinez Miron

Director of Integrations - SIVO

In collaboration with:

Register for the Hybrid manufacturing workflow webinar below.

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