Industry 4.0

A smart manufacturing platform with plenty of benefits.

Digital Twin of Your Machining Environment

ESPRIT® allows you to create a digital twin of your machine tools for programming, optimization and simulation. Workpieces and cutting tools are set up virtually, resulting in exacting simulations, better toolpaths for higher quality parts and greater productivity. Whatever happens on screen will also occur on the shop floor.

Digital Thread for Discrete Manufacturing

With ESPRIT, a digital thread ties together each step of the workflow, ensuring that the entire manufacturing process is connected. ESPRIT reads part data from CAD software and creates machine-optimized G-code and setup sheets. It passes this data on to shop floor management, tool data management, and manufacturing resource planning software.


Machine-aware CAM programming represents a fundamental change in the way toolpath is created, resulting in increased tool life, reduced cycle times and improved machine utilization. Unlike traditional CAM software, ESPRIT’s awareness of machine kinematics and dynamics is used for setup, programming, optimization, and simulation. With machine awareness, CAM programmers make better toolpath choices, resulting in improved machining performance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ESPRIT's KnowledgeBase™ streamlines part programming by automatically selecting the optimum processes—machining cycles, cutting tools and machining conditions—for part features based on proven best practices. When programming is more predictable and consistent, machine operators encounter fewer problems and machines produce higher quality parts.


Integration with cloud-based databases, such as MachiningCloud, facilitates access to knowledge, product data, resources, and process controls for machines, cutting tools, and workholding. These cloud-enabled databases suggest factory-recommended feeds and speeds and provide continuously updated manufacturer product data for improved programming and simulation.

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