Where Are They Now? Geospace Technologies


We recently caught up with Justin Henry, the machine shop manager at Geospace Technologies, almost one year after their May 2019 success story.

“We love ESPRIT, and we continue to use it more and more on our machines. Our latest uses are ProfitTurning and ProfitMilling. We’ve seen some success and savings with both,” he says.

Like most other businesses, Geospace has felt the pinch of the COVID-19 pandemic. “As a whole, we’ve slowed down, but we still come into work. Most of our products make us essential.” Meeting the demands—and limitations—of a global health crisis means that the Geospace team has had to adapt quickly. “Everyone is nervous about spending money, so we’re not going to get a brand-new machine. Instead, we’ll do more with what we have, and that’s where we want to focus our attention.”

ESPRIT plays a major role in Geospace’s ongoing growth, and Justin’s team looks forward to exploring the possibilities. “In the future, we’ll be using ESPRIT to do more probing. In fact, we’re about to purchase that add-on. Dynamic toolpaths have worked really well, and we’re working on reprogramming everything we have. We pick and choose where we focus our attention.”

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