Employee Spotlight: Alex Lancaster, Content Writer

ESPRIT de Corps

Alex's affinity for technical topics helps her create ESPRIT messaging for a variety of audiences.

DP's content writer, Alex Lancaster, joined the team in July 2019 after six years as a writer in healthcare marketing. "The manufacturing industry may seem like a 180 from my previous work, but ultimately it's still a technical field, which I love," she says. If you've recently visited the ESPRIT website, received an ESPRIT email, or skimmed an ESPRIT press release, you've no doubt encountered Alex's work. She writes or edits nearly every promotional document we release, whether it's in print or online. 

"Content writing is different from technical writing, which is handled by my colleague Josh Seale," she says. "As a marketer, I'm more focused on the brand, while Josh's work has him focusing on the individual elements of our product. But our work is complementary, and many of our skills overlap."

One of Alex's ongoing projects has been finessing and perfecting the ESPRIT brand voice. "Having a solid brand identity is becoming more and more important as brands begin to interact with consumers across a variety of platforms: social media, websites, in-person, print advertising, and more. No matter how you communicate with ESPRIT, each interaction should feel consistent and familiar." Indeed, the "ESPRIT voice" that you see in our emails and on our website has been created by Alex after carefully researching our users and our company culture. 

Alex learns to make a clay tagine the traditional way in a Berber village in rural Morocco

Alex holds a BA in creative writing from the University of South Florida. In 2012, she moved to the Central Coast of California, eventually settling in Santa Barbara, where she lives with her partner Amy, tabby cat Archie, and rescue terrier Rey. 

In her free time, Alex enjoys travel and the great outdoors. Last year, she crossed two items off her bucket list by traveling to Morocco alone. Until she can dust off her passport again, she's keeping busy by hiking Santa Barbara's extensive trail network and learning Arabic. 

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