One and Done Manufacturing with ESPRIT CAM & KME CNC

With today’s fast-paced manufacturing environments, it’s crucial to get the most efficiency out of your equipment. Learn what KME CNC offers: the industry’s most comprehensive line of tombstones, trunnions, and 4/5 axis rotary tables. Plus, see how ESPRIT and KME are working together to provide off-the-shelf solutions for making your machine tools more capable of one and done manufacturing.

Why Watch?

  • Understand how ESPRIT’s simulation and digital twin of the machine tool and setup can save time through accurate verification of the program and an intuitive programming experience
  • Learn how ESPRIT seamlessly supports the unique machine-dependent code requirements for KME’s entire product line
  • Discover how to transform your 3 and 4 axis machines into high-functioning 5-axis production equipment
  • See KME’s impressive engineering feat of completely wireless connectivity – no cables or hoses inside your machine

Disclaimer: All ESPRIT demonstrations will be shown in the R4.6 version. All toolpath generating methods will apply to both ESPRIT 2020 and R4.6.


Dan Parry

Eastern Applications Manager

Grant Hughson

ESPRIT Solutions Specialist

Jerome Mezzasalma

Applications Engineer - KME CNC

Watch now to learn how to make the most of your machine tool.

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