Next Generation Wire EDM with MITSUBISHI and ESPRIT

The collaboration between Mitsubishi and ESPRIT has brought high-performing Wire EDM (WEDM) equipment together with market-leading CAM software to bring decades of continuous innovation and advancement to WEDM manufacturing. Today, the latest machines from Mitsubishi and the next generation of ESPRIT CAM stand poised to carry WEDM even further.

Watch WEDM experts from Mitsubishi and ESPRIT demonstrate how the tight integration of Mitsubishi technologies in ESPRIT CAM can help you program your WEDM equipment faster than ever, and how ESPRIT CAM’s factory-certified post processors deliver edit-free NC code right out of the box.

The demonstrations will include programming tasks on real-life WEDM parts using a Mitsubishi MV1200S, with highlights including:

  • Sorting WEDM operations
  • Thread at an angle
  • 2- and 4-axis features
  • No-core Pocketing
  • Slug Retention
  • Rotary EDM cycles


Sam Kaminski

Application Engineer Team Leader

Doug Maywald

Wire EDM Applications Engineer

In collaboration with:

Bring high-performance Wire EDM machining to your shop!

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