FMI-Hansa Medical Products

ESPRIT has helped us use our machines to make parts they’re designed to make.

David Green, Programmer & Manufacturing Engineer

FMI-Hansa Medical Products Maximizes its Machinery with ESPRIT

Founded in 1999, FMI-Hansa Medical Products programmed parts at the machine control until it realized that it was unable to maximize the potential of the increasingly complex machines it acquired. In 2009, the company purchased ESPRIT to program its Mazak mill-turn and Citizen Swiss-turn machines.

“For a long time, we were just typing in programs, but as the complexity of the parts started to grow with the company, we needed something that could program multi-tasking machines, and that was ESPRIT,” says David Green, programmer and manufacturing engineer for FMI-Hansa.

“We now have software that generates complex toolpath and can use existing geometry or surfaces to output correct code so that nothing has to be manually calculated.”

The company serves a body of 50-plus customers who represent a range of one-time to repeat business and lot sizes of 25 to 1,000 pieces. To keep the gears of this well-oiled machine turning, it’s crucial to get jobs right the first time by maximizing the technology that drives it.

“We’re trying to achieve on-time delivery for each customer and a superior quality of parts,” Green says. “We have to have perfect setups, perfect programs and a good flow of products as a company.”

Because machines and software — and a powerful combination of the two — are capable of machining increasingly complex parts with tight tolerances, designers are designing parts with that increased capacity in mind.

“ESPRIT has helped us use our machines to make parts they’re designed to make,” Green says, “and the simulation allows us to see what it’s going to do before it goes to the machine.”

Green credits the company’s choice of software for giving FMI-Hansa an edge in a competitive market. “Knowing that our program is done and correct before it goes to the machine gives us an advantage in accomplishing faster set-up times and product versatility,” he says.

With those increasingly complex parts coming down the pipeline, being ahead of the game is all about versatility and taking full advantage of the tools at your disposal.

Company snapshot

FMI-Hansa Medical Products Logo
  • Based in Madison, Alabama, USA
  • Founded in 1999
Dedicated to manufacturing orthopedic implants, instruments and devices, FMI-Hansa Medical Products meets prototype and production-volume demands, and offers comprehensive machining and metal-finishing capabilities under one roof.

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