Tool Kit

Manufacturers, machine tool builders, and third party software developers use the ESPRIT Tool Kit to rapidly build feature-rich CAD/CAM solutions to meet their individual needs or the specialized needs of a target market. Third parties can choose to expose any level of ESPRIT functionality to the end user, or seamlessly integrate their add-in components to supplement ESPRIT’s existing functionality. The result is a powerful, high-quality, customized software solution.

The ESPRIT Tool Kit is composed of ESPRIT’s Application Programming Interface (API) — based on the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) — and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. The ESPRIT API provides third party access to the vast array of CAD/CAM technology built into ESPRIT, as described in this literature.

ESPRIT's flexible, component architecture allows third parties to utilize any level of ESPRIT functionality. ESPRIT components can be deployed to supplement an existing CAD/CAM solution operating within its current Graphical User Interface (GUI). Or, third party components can be added to ESPRIT and accessed through ESPRIT’sGUI. The ESPRIT GUI can be easily private labeled or otherwise customized to meet the requirements of an OEM.

As a Manufacturing Operating System, ESPRIT is completely customizable to meet the unique and changing needs of manufacturers, machine tool builders, OEMs, and other third party developers. Whether running stand-alone, on or off the machine control on the shop floor, or in the office, ESPRIT is capable of delivering powerful full-spectrum programming for a full range of machine tool applications.

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