Employee Spotlight: Thu-Thuy Nguyen, Inside Sales Manager

ESPRIT de Corps

A veteran of DP’s sales team, Thu-Thuy Nguyen has been connecting with our customers since 2006.

Before joining DP, Thu-Thuy worked as a claims adjuster at a car insurance company. But handling fraudulent claims and other realities of the insurance industry wasn’t her cup of tea. “It was a positive change and exciting discovery to find DP,” she says.

As DP’s inside sales manager, Thu-Thuy’s workdays are often fast-paced and full of variety. She’s constantly engaging with our customers by discussing their software and maintenance needs. She makes it a point to actively listen to and address everyone she encounters, demonstrating that everyone is a priority.

Our fearless inside sales manager meets a new friend in Vietnam.

Thu-Thuy thrives on making a difference for both customers and her team members. When ESPRIT users cite our responsive, top-notch customer service, they’re often thinking of Thu-Thuy.

Thu-Thuy grew up in both snowy Michigan and muggy Florida, where she attended the University of Florida. These climate extremes made her 2006 move to southern California extra special. Her adventurous spirit keeps her moving when she’s outside of the office, whether she’s playing tennis, fishing, kayaking, skydiving, or traveling internationally. One of her most exciting excursions to date? Visiting her parents’ hometown in Vietnam in 2018.

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