Employee Spotlight: Dan Parry, Eastern Region Applications Manager

ESPRIT de Corps

Before being promoted to eastern applications manager in 2016, Dan cultivated many of our OEM relationships.

Eastern Applications Manager Dan Parry joined the team in 2011 as our OEM project manager. Throughout the past decade, he’s been responsible for productizing some of our best solutions and cultivating many fruitful OEM relationships. Today, Dan leads a team of applications engineers out of our Charlotte, NC office. These talented men and women provide customer support and training, as well as provide solution development and engineering services for our customers. “I thoroughly enjoy working with each one of them, and our organization is very fortunate to have such intelligent and hardworking engineers,” says Dan.

Dan draws inspiration from his colleagues and other industry professionals. One of his favorite professional memories was a trip to Japan to work on an important project with a machine tool OEM. “I was able to meet and work with some of the best minds in the industry,” Dan says. “The experiences and relationships I established on that trip have resonated throughout my entire career.” Oh, and the food was good, too. “I haven’t experienced such good sushi before or since.”

In his home workshop, Dan prefers to tinker with manual machines

Dan doesn’t leave machining at the office. In addition to raising his teenage son and enjoying amateur photography, he’s also a hobby machinist. “If you walked into my workshop, you might think I was born in the wrong era. I prefer to use manual machines and generally enjoy the older methods for making things,” he says. “I’ve built model engines, motorcycle parts, and all sorts of random things in my model shop. I take my tinkering very seriously.”

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