An Important Note to Our Customers


We're still open for business.

Although we're in uncertain times, DP Technology is—and will remain—open for business. In addition to maintaining our customer support without disruption, we're working on the following initiatives to keep your work moving: 

  • Creating internet-based training and consulting solutions to continue your education and enhance your productivity
  • We are supplying remote licensing options to use ESPRIT at home
  • Our developers continue to function at 100%, creating the post processors and machine setups you count on
  • If you already have in-person training or consulting scheduled, we'll reach out to you as soon as possible

Web-based consulting and training are not new to us, so rest assured that all your needs will continue to be met.

We've been around since 1982, and we'll continue to be here for you now. Please reach out to our support team with questions or concerns.

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