What is ESPRIT ProfitMilling?


Want to up your tool life and reduce cycle time by up to 70%? ESPRIT’s ProfitMilling cycle can help.

New pocketing strategies, improved chip evacuation, and an optimized initial channel width all work together to bring your throughput to new levels. ProfitMilling is available in all of ESPRIT’s rough machining cycles—are you using it yet?

High-speed machining with ESPRIT’s patented ProfitMilling® cycles for 2.5-, 3-, 4-, and 5-axis roughing significantly reduces cycle times and dramatically increases tool life. The ProfitMilling strategy combines optimized, high-speed toolpath patterns, chip thinning with light radial engagements and full depths of cut, and dynamically optimized feed rates to maintain consistent chip loads and minimized cutting forces throughout the cut. This results in increased productivity and reduced operating costs. When compared to conventional machining, ProfitMilling delivers:

  • 75% cycle-time reduction
  • 500% increase in tool life

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