ESPRIT Solutions in Industries

Advancements in technology keep manufacturers ahead of the competition.

Companies that invest in complex machine tools quickly see the advantages of mill-turn machines that perform multiple
milling and turning operations on a single machine tool, and often with a single set-up.

What these companies also see is the need for a powerful CAM system to handle the complex programming that factors
into the mill-turn equation. Here are six reasons that companies turn to ESPRIT to maximize the productivity of their
machine-tool investments:

Accurate G-code


"Only a few companies had software that could handle the mill-turn machines … We selected ESPRIT primarily because of the flexibility of its postprocessor."

Tom Lawler
Manufacturing Engineer, Fairfield Manufacturing

Full Machine Simulation


"ESPRIT simulates the complete machining operation so that we can visualize exactly how the operations are flowing."

David Fransden
Machine Shop Lead, Biomet Sports Medicine

Synchronization & Optimization


"The real strength of ESPRIT lies in the tools that it provides to optimize the operation of a multifunction machine. After we have created the operations, ESPRIT makes it easy to assign them to different turrets, change their sequence, and synchronize operations in different turrets."

Jon Finn - Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Hartwell

One User Interface


"We chose ESPRIT because it is the only system capable of powering all the NC machines in our factory with a single user interface."

Antonio Olivieri
Manager of Mechanical Production, Newform

Flexible 5-axis milling


"I looked at a number of software packages and found that most had glaring weaknesses, such as limitations in producing programs for five-axis machining centers. ESPRIT works very well on all of our machines and offers very powerful five-axis machining capabilities."

Thomas Kempke - VP of Manufacturing, Johnson

Customer Support


"DP Technology demonstrated enormous commitment in helping us get up and running in programming this powerful machine [Okuma Multus B300 multifunction machine with opposed headstocks and a dual-function upper turret with a B-axis, Y-axis and automatic tool changer."

Matt Watters - Central Utah Tool
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