Simplify Reverse Engineering with ESPRIT CAM & Hexagon’s Absolute Arm

Join ESPRIT and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence for a demonstration of reverse engineering. In today’s digital manufacturing environments, having a solid model for programming is imperative. Hexagon will demonstrate their latest advancements for capturing features from a physical part to be used downstream for ESPRIT programming. ESPRIT engineers will demonstrate programming techniques for the model generated during the feature capturing process on the physical part. Learn about ESPRIT’s powerful functions for programming prismatic parts. We’ll also discuss tools for streamlining the programming process and introduce 3D feature machining.

Why Attend?

  • Watch a demonstration of the Hexagon Absolute Arm with probing and RS6 laser scanner used to create a solid model
  • Learn how the new ESPRIT simplifies the programming process by using machine-aware programming techniques
  • Introduction to programming 3D features in the new ESPRIT

Disclaimer: All ESPRIT demonstrations will be shown in the R4.6 version. All toolpath generating methods will apply to both ESPRIT 2020 and R4.6.


Dan Parry

Eastern Region Applications Manager

Scott Grumbles

Commercial Operations Manager - Hexagon Metrology Southeast

Cooper Ferguson

Senior Applications Engineer

Watch now to learn how to reverse engineer with ease!

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