ESPRIT - Spinning Tool Technology

Spinning Tool Technology
Putting a spin on turning tools results in a 2,000% increase in tool life and opens the door to new turning techniques.

A New Take on the Turning Tool

This new cutting technology employs a specialized insert mounted at the bottom of a cylindrical tool shank held in a rotary spindle. The rotation of the spinning tool results in the faster dissipation of heat, as both heat and wear are distributed around the entire diameter of the tool. This allows for dry machining, thereby eliminating the costs of coolant and its disposal. Mounted on a B-axis spindle, the tool can also be inclined as it cuts for even more effective cooling.


"This technology is promising because of all the advantages it provides," said Olivier Thenoz, DP's mill-turn product manager. "In the end, it means better productivity."

"The advantage of the spinning tool is that there is no one single point on the tool that is in contact with the workpiece all the time, and this is very good for heat dissipation and tool wear. Cutting conditions are no longer limited by the heat generated in the process, but by power available in the machine."

The spinning turning tool was developed jointly by Mori Seiki and Kennametal Inc., while the solution used to drive the tool was developed by DP Technology.

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