ESPRIT - In-Depth Technology Overview

Your CAM software should do what your machine can do.
Take a look at these advanced features that produce parts of higher quality.

5-Axis Pinch Milling

Using Two Tools to Balance Cutting Forces Pinch milling uses live milling tools in the upper and lower turrets or spindles to machine opposite sides of the workpiece at the same time.


B-Axis Contouring

B-Axis Contouring for
Multi-tasking Machines
B-Axis Contouring achieves higher performance from multi-tasking machines by cutting continuously along inner and outer profiles in one step, and with just one tool.


Rotary Wire EDM

Advances in Rotary
Developments in multi-axis wire EDM machining present new opportunities for cutting complex shapes unattended -- and precisely -- in just one setup.


Trochoidal Channel Roughing

High-Speed Roughing Between Walls 5-Axis Trochoidal Channel Roughing is a high-speed roughing cycle that keeps under control the acceleration of the Machine Tool axes during the removal of the material in a channel bounded by two walls.


Spinning Tool Technology

The Evolution of Revolution
in Lathe Tools
Putting a spin on turning tools results in a 2,000% increase in tool life, and opens the door to new turning techniques.

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