Vanderhorst Brothers

We have to have a CAM system that can generate code correctly the first time — and that's ESPRIT.

Bob O'Rell, CNC Programmer/Machinist

Vanderhorst Brothers, Inc., Achieves Lights-Out Manufacturing with the Right CAM

Automation is the name of the game when it comes to upping the efficiency quotient at Vanderhorst Brothers, Inc., a high-precision job shop that runs like a well-oiled machine in part because of, well, its well-oiled machines.

At Vanderhorst, where the goal is to implement and manage "lights-out manufacturing," the ability to automate large jobs is easier with the right tools and ESPRIT CAM.

Automation Revolution

If Vanderhorst were an amusement park, a major attraction would be its 42-pallet Toyoda cell: two horizontal 4-axis mills, each equipped with 494 tools. The idea is to make tooling changes quickly and accurately, and to save individual jobs to specific pallets.

One major employee on Vanderhorst's "night shift" is a 5-axis Matsuura equipped with 240 cutting tools and 32 pallets for multiple jobs. The thing is a beast, and an impressive one at that. Though it comprises Vanderhorst's night staff, the beast actually runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Night Shift

In the case of a complex manifold currently being made on the night shift, Bob O'Rell, CNC programmer and machinist, copied all operations and the solid model into ESPRIT in about three days when he switched from the left-hand to the right-hand part configuration — impressive for a part with 1,400 dimensions on its drawing.

When Vanderhorst began making the manifold in ESPRIT, it was able to fully maximize the 5-axis Matsuura and the CAM software to reduce machining setups from eight to three. This was facilitated by ESPRIT's multi-axis programming capability.

Company snapshot

Vanderhorst Logo Precision manufacturer that offers services for the aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics and other high-tech industries.

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