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That’s what ESPRIT does for us: We can grab whatever machine we like when we go to a machine-tool show. We can say ‘Hey, that’s really cool,’ and we know right away that programming is not a concern. We know we can do that.

Nate Price, Lead CNC Programmer

Firefighting Gear Manufacturer Programs for Success with ESPRIT

When your house is going up in flames, the last thing on your mind is whether the local hero’s firefighting equipment will do its job — and that’s exactly the way it should be.

At Task Force Tips — an Indiana-based manufacturer of fire-hose nozzles — the last thing on the minds of the men making its innovative gear should be whether their computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software will do its job.

That’s also exactly the way it should be.

Task Force Tips has a total of about 180 staff in Valparaiso, Ind., where it produces firefighting equipment that controls water flow. It makes hose nozzles that automatically adjust to varying water pressure in hose lines, as well as valves and other equipment. As a self-contained business, Task Force Tips includes an internally-fed assembly department.

“We do a lot of little things on the fly, where we design it, write the program and machine it all in one day,” says Nathan Price, Lead CNC programmer at Task Force Tips, who began his career with the company over a decade ago.

In the End, It’s All About Saving Time

To make the main body of a portable monitor (a device used when water pressure is too strong to hold a hose by hand) in the past, the part had to be loaded onto a machine tool four separate times, which meant “scheduling the workload on the floor for a month before the part went out the door,” Price says.

By integrating ESPRIT and one of its new multi-tasking machines, Task Force Tips was able to cut down on machining time by streamlining processes and gained a 63 percent reduction in the time required to machine the part.

“Now we load it into a machine one time and it’s completed,” Price says. “Before, the handling time on the part was an hour. It’s now 22 minutes. It was one of those things where you can just do a couple of clicks in ESPRIT and have the whole thing programmed.”

Company snapshot

Task Force Tips Logo
  • Based in Valparaiso, Indiana, USA
A worldwide leader in providing first responders with high-quality, innovative agent-delivery solutions.

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