Single Source, Inc.

With ESPRIT, it's two to three mouse clicks instead of hundreds of mouse clicks.

Nathan Ellinger, Single Source, Inc.

Precision Machine Shop Single Source Stays on Top With ESPRIT

Single Source is all about precision, which means that nothing produced there can be grabbed "off the rack."

"We work closely with customers to develop products that work for them," says Nathan Ellinger, a programmer for the company, based in North Liberty, Ind.

Founded in 2001 by Tom Moore and Greg Singleton, who boast 60 years of combined experience in the machining industry, Single Source manufactures implants and instrumentation for the medical industry, and fixtures and tooling for the automotive industry.

"We like to lead with quality, and quality is everything," Singleton says. "We see that the industry is changing and, considering the competition and economy, we have to find ways to set ourselves apart from the competition."

Finding a Need and Filling It

In response to the increasingly complex demands of customers, Single Source, which had heretofore not ventured into the mill-turn realm, acquired a Mori Seiki NT-1000 multi-tasking machine. The combination of complex machinery and ESPRIT helps the company deliver complex parts at competitive prices.

"Quality always has to be No. 1, but everyone also wants their parts made faster and less expensively," says Moore, adding that Single Source takes pride in delivering quality parts and delivering those parts on time. "In our business, it's imperative that you continue to take care of customer needs as time goes on. What we create is real value — and if our pricing's not right, we won't even get a shot at the job."

Ellinger was given the task of mastering ESPRIT to drive the powerful new Mori Seiki machine tool.

"With the new multi-tasking machine, that seven-setup job is now a one-setup job," Ellinger says. "That's one example of how the machine has made manufacturing easier, and ESPRIT has played a huge part in that."

Company snapshot

Single Source Logo Precision machine shop that specializes in products, fixtures and tooling for the medical, automotive and other industries.

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