Paper Converting Machine Company

With the ESPRIT KnowledgeBase™, programmers and operators will benefit from consistency in all aspects of what it takes to machine a part ... tasks that used to take hours ... are now automatic.

Daniel Parry, Manufacturing Engineering Technician Specialist

ESPRIT CAM Reduces Programming, Setup and Machining Time

Headquartered in Green Bay, Wis., ESPRIT® user Paper Converting Machine Company, or PCMC, designs and manufactures converting machinery for the tissue, flexible packaging and disposable nonwovens industries.

It also manufactures a complete line of wide-web flexographic printing systems, coating and laminating machines, and narrow-web in-line printing systems. PCMC currently operates seven facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Japan, and employs over 1,500 people worldwide.

When PCMC decided to upgrade to the latest 3D CNC programming technology, it chose ESPRIT in part because of its advanced knowledge-based machining capabilities.

Automating Best Machining Practices

"The knowledge-base features of the new software have substantially reduced programming time," said Daniel Parry, manufacturing engineering technician specialist for PCMC. "Setup time is reduced because of our ability to verify the program in the software. Finally, the ability to optimize and standardize machining processes has resulted in machining-time reductions."

PCMC has taken full advantage of the capabilities of ESPRIT to develop a CNC programming process that achieves the elements that are important to the organization.

Programming Made Easy

When a programmer creates a new CNC program, he can simply drag and drop machining operations from the library rather than creating them from scratch. In addition, programmers have worked to maintain the library by modifying operations based on feedback from machine operators and other sources. As a result, the library has become optimized as the knowledge of programmers, engineers and operators has become embedded within it.

"With the ESPRIT KnowledgeBase™, programmers and operators will benefit from consistency in all aspects of what it takes to machine a part," Parry said. "Tasks that used to take hours – like creating features on a model or deciding which tooling to use – are now automatic."

Company snapshot

Paper Converting Logo Global leader in tissue converting, packaging, flexographic printing and nonwovens technology.

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