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We got our first seat of ESPRIT whenever we outgrew our first CAM system. That’s taken us to a completely different level.

Justin Doyle, Programmer

Padgett Machine Tools Cuts Machining Time with ESPRIT ProfitMilling

Padgett Machine Tools of Gatesville, Texas, was no stranger to success by the time it had outgrown its first CAM package and sought to widen its sphere of influence by embracing the broader programming capabilities of ESPRIT.

With ESPRIT in its already capable hands, the 10-year-old company that primarily serves the oil, gas and hydraulics industries was skyrocketed to a higher level of performance.

“We got our first seat of ESPRIT whenever we outgrew our first CAM system,” says Programmer Justin Doyle. “That’s taken us to a completely different level.”

For Padgett Machine Tools, reaching that new level of productivity included embracing the ProfitMilling technology within ESPRIT. The software’s patent-pending ProfitMilling strategy for 2-, 3- and 5-axis roughing cycles allows customers to remove more material in a shorter period of time.

Using advanced technology, the ProfitMilling strategy optimizes engagement angle, chip load, material removal rate, lateral cutter force and machine acceleration to achieve optimal results.

This innovative machining cycle represents the “best of both worlds” by utilizing trochoidal tool motion and a traditional offset of the toolpath, allowing usage of the full tool flute length.

“With ProfitMilling combining all the different types of cycles, you can give yourself tighter tolerances to work with because there’s less cutting forces involved. It’s a strictly win-win situation,” Doyle says.

“ProfitMilling will work in just about every situation. The one factor that I really was excited about was actually taking my older programs and making them more efficient. In this business there’s really only two ways to increase your bottom line: You can either cut spending, or you can become more efficient.”

Company snapshot

Padgett Machine Tools Logo Padgett Machine Tools is constantly improving processes, quality and technology for its customers. They offer a complete scope of machining and testing services, including 4-axis machining, materials procurement and processing.

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