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The expectation of quality is quite a lot different than it was 50 years ago. People don’t just consider themselves lucky to get quality. It’s an expectation.

John Dickes, Mate Precision Tooling

Mate Precision Tooling Meets Changing Demands With ESPRIT

As a long-time ESPRIT customer, Minnesota-based Mate Precision Tooling has grown right along with the software it adopted more than two decades ago.

In the early years, says Senior Manufacturing Engineer Steve Thomson, the now 50-year-old shop used standard 2-axis lathes and 2-axis mills, which “became a lot of work-in-process at all the individual steps.” With ESPRIT, the company embraced multi-tasking machine tools and can now “put bar stock in, take a completed part out,” with completed milled and turned features.

“ESPRIT is great in that it helps with mill-turn machines,” Thomson says. “The post processors can handle that, and they [DP Technology] have factory representation for post processor development … it really has been a great support system for us.”

Manufacturing Engineer Tom Kill has programmed with ESPRIT at Mate for over 20 years. The company acquired the software in 1993, when Mate began automating some of its wire EDM machining processes.

“Through that development, we’re able to automate punches, dies and strippers with variable shapes and variable sizes,” Kill says, “and we’re also able to also automate it with ESPRIT’s support and guidance.”

Throughout the years, Mate has maximized its use of ESPRIT to remain competitive and fully utilize rapidly evolving complex machinery. “The new machine technology has required that we step up our game as far as how we manufacture, what types of equipment we use to manufacture,” Dickes says. “ESPRIT has been very helpful in matching what we require to keep going forward.”

Watch the video to learn more about Mate Precision Tooling and its experience with ESPRIT.

Company snapshot

Mate Precision Tooling Logo Mate Precision Tooling is a world-class manufacturer of superior products and solutions for sheet-metal fabricators. It manufactures tooling for every major CNC punch press, and offers a complete line of CO2 laser products.

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