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ESPRIT ProfitMilling, my experience so far with that is that it saves us a great amount of time on any of our roughing. We can do full depth of cut, have longer tool life, just overall be more efficient and productive.

Hung Tran, shop manager and programmer

BEXXT achieves silmutaneous 5-axis trochoidal roughing and finishing with ESPRIT ProfitMilling

Nestled in an unassuming building in the manufacturing hub of Houston, Texas, machining powerhouse Bexxt, LLC provides precision services to some of the leading industry providers of energy, aerospace, and control-flow systems.

“We have a very wide knowledge of programming and machining,” says Stefan Barcik, shop coordinator. “We are able to provide a very deep knowledge of manufacturing and help our customers with any type of manufacturing process issues that they have.”

Bexxt acquired ESPRIT in early 2012 to power its wide array of complex machinery, including a Mazak Integrex e-650, a set of Mazak Quick Turns, and a Mazak vertical mill, among others. “Some of the problems that we run into for programming for a precision machine shop are that we have to protect our investments, which is the machine tools,” says Hung Tran, shop manager and programmer. “With ESPRIT’s collision detection and all the features that ESPRIT has built in, we are able to do that.”

Tran also finds ESPRIT’s interface and ease of use a cut above the rest.

“The visuals alone on ESPRIT set it apart from other CAM systems because it’s so vibrant and so clear as opposed to the interface of a lot of other software. It makes it much more intuitive and easy to use for the end user.”

Company snapshot

BEXXT, LLC Logo Bexxt, LLC is a precision machining company managed by personnel with 35 years of combined experience in international and domestic manufacturing who understand the business of job-shop and contract manufacturing.

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