Astro Manufacturing & Design

ESPRIT’s propagation features, knowledge-base strategies & clean post processors make it simple to run my five different controls unattended.

Jay Crumb, EDM Specialist

Maximizing Unattended Machining with ESPRIT CAM

With manufacturing services that range from wire and plunge EDM to CNC and manual machining, sheet metal fabricating and plastics forming to cable assemblies and wire harnesses to rapid prototyping, painting, product development and engineering design and assembly, the can-dos of Astro Manufacturing & Design read like a laundry list.

And with customers like Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric and Philips Healthcare, to name a few, the company — which works primarily within the aerospace, medical and military industries — certainly doesn’t need better endorsements.

There was a time, however, when it was in need of better CNC programming software.

A Day in the Life

During a typical day on the job, Jay Crumb - EDM specialist for Astro - runs two of his EDM machines while preparing the other five for overnight, unattended burns. A standard lot size is one to 50 parts with dimensions ranging from .250” X .250” X .100” to 13” X 18” X13,” and holding tolerances of plus or minus .0002.

Though Astro purchased ESPRIT primarily for those 4-axis capabilities and the strength of its post processors, over the years it has taken advantage of upgrades built into the software to increase efficiency and automate where possible to remain competitive.

One Fire You Don’t Want to Put Out

Crumb is expected to maintain a minimum of 3.5 machine hours to every one EDM-employee work hour. “This is accomplished by grouping different parts into one machining cycle and making multiple work coordinates of the same part without a stop,” Crumb says. “This increases unattended burn time.”

Crumb is currently working with several different types of controls, a process made seamless by ESPRIT’s post processors. “I have five different controls right now on the floor and all the posts are right out of the box,” he says.

Company snapshot

Astro Manufacturing Logo Custom manufacturer that offers comprehensive manufacturing services for businesses in the medical, aerospace, automotive and other industrial and technology-related industries.

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