5-Axis Trochoidal Channel Roughing

5-Axis Trochoidal Channel Roughing is a high-speed roughing cycle that keeps under control the acceleration of the Machine Tool axes during the removal of the material in a channel bounded by two walls.

Benefits of Trochoidal Channel Roughing

• Tool moves along a fluent path that constantly adapts to the shape of the channel
• Suitable for difficult-to-cut materials, such as titanium
• Can replace several phases of conventional machining
• Results in a uniform amount of rest material, with very low scallops heigth
• Cutting of undercut geometries

Applications for Trochoidal Channel Roughing

• Ideal for machining deep cavities with thin walls
• Developed for the machining of bevel gears, but can be used in any application
• Perfect for use in cases where tool pressure presents a risk when removing material between two walls

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