Upgrade to The New ESPRIT and Speed Up Your Programming by Up to 600%

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Powered by an industry-proven AI engine, The New ESPRIT significantly simplifies the CNC machine programming process with increased tool life, reduced cycle times, and improved machine performance.

Below are six reasons why you should upgrade to The New ESPRIT today.

Upgrade to The New ESPRIT

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Optimized machining with a digital twin

  • A digital twin is a precise digital replica of the machining environment. With a digital twin, The New ESPRIT leverages the full knowledge of your machine’s capacities (axis limits, turning option, kinematic chain, etc.) to maximize your productivity
  • With stock automation, every single machining operation can be stock-aware to reduce air cutting 
  • With total machine awareness, The New ESPRIT automatically optimizes cycle times by minimizing tool changes, axis rotations, and machine travel
  • Machine-optimized, edit-free G-code allows you to take full advantage of your machine tool investment

High-speed machining with smarter toolpath

  • High-speed machining with ESPRIT’s patented ProfitMilling® cycles significantly reduces cycle times by 75% and dramatically increases tool life by 5 to 50 times
  • For high-speed turning, The New ESPRIT offers ProfitTurning®, an innovative cutting cycle that enables 25% higher cutting speeds and 300% increase in tool life
  • The New ESPRIT improves the overall toolpath strategies to further enhance the programming performance, including multi-orientation drilling, rotary machining, and 5-axis freeform cycles
  • The New ESPRIT reduces human intervention with 5-axis deburring cycles included in your program

Easier programming and improved performance

  • Brand-new, ribbon-style modern interface dramatically improves the user experience and facilitates a natural programming workflow
  • With 64-bit platform supporting GPU computing and multi-threading, The New ESPRIT drastically improved toolpath calculation speed for various processes
  • Handling complex, large CAD geometries with many features is now much faster 
  • Compatibility – The New ESPRIT can open all your history ESPRIT files and keep all the proven processes

Modeless programming and machine swap

  • The modeless programming of The New ESPRIT enables seamless switching between milling and turning processes on any mill, lathe, or millturn machine
  • Machine swap applies to various machine types (e.g. vertical and horizontal) or different machine manufacturers (e.g. DMG Mori to Mazak)
  • Programming and G-code are automatically updated when swapping out various fixturings, workholdings, toolings, and machines (e.g. milling to millturn)

Program one part, machine many

  • The New ESPRIT provides tremendous power for multi-part machining
  • Subprogram – synchronizing the cutting process of multiple workpieces with the master workpiece, drastically shortening the code
  • Cutting programs on all workpieces are automatically updated once changes are made to the master workpiece

Safety and collision avoidance

  • The New ESPRIT analyzes the entire machine environment to produce safe, collision-free linking moves between operations with zero manual input required
  • Verification and analysis – simulating potential collisions, axes overtravel, acceleration exceptions, and channel conflicts – all inside The New ESPRIT’s digital twin

Customer Success and World-class Technical Support

ESPRIT pride ourselves on providing the best technical support in the industry. With the response time under 60 minutes, our specialists go beyond the software to understand your processes, workflow, and machine tools. 

Here’s an example of how we helped a customer increase the productivity by up to 100% with production machining.

ESPRIT helps us when it comes to new product introductions and product changes. ESPRIT programming helps us get to the market quicker. We can get our machine tools ready to machine parts in the most efficient way possible, right from the start.
David Christensen, Manufacturing Staff Engineer, A-dec

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Upgrade to The New ESPRIT and Speed Up Your Programming by Up to 600%

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