Precision Tsugami

Precision Tsugami

In the face of rapidly changing technologies, Tsugami recognizes the need to improve overall performance even further. ESPRIT's strong partnership with Tsugami inspires us to keep up. This fast-moving and forward-thinking company helps us anticipate the needs of the professionals who rely on their machine tools every day. We work closely together with Tsugami to ensure your experience is seamless and simple--keeping you operating at the speed of your industry. Their lathes and machining centers are built for precision. When coupled with our powerful software, you'll enjoy unparalleled efficiency.  

ESPRIT builds precision CAM solutions for Tsugami’s entire product line.

ESPRIT has solutions ready for delivery for the following machines:

  • B0 Series
  • BA Series
  • BE Series
  • BH Series
  • BS Series
  • BU Series
  • BW Series
  • M08 Series
  • MU Series
  • NP Series
  • S Series
  • S20 Series
  • SS Series
  • SX Series
  • TMA Series
  • TMB Series
  • TMU Series
  • VA Series

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Discutez avec notre équipe talentueuse pour découvrir comment ESPRIT vous aide à minimiser la durée des cycles tout en maximisant l'utilisation des machines pour vous faire gagner du temps et de l'argent.

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