ESPRIT is proud to be an official sponsor of The Ringmaster BattleBot machined using ESPRIT CAM software and designed by the talented Hal Rucker. The Ringmaster will make its fighting debut in June 2016 on the popular show BattleBots Season 2 on ABC.

ESPRIT looks forward to being a part of The Ringmaster’s journey on the show, and as a contributor to helping make the bot’s revolutionary design come to life.

Last Episode

The Ringmaster


Hal Rucker


Inventor, product design engineer and entrepreneur

Years Competing

14 years


Team Black & Blue

Hal Rucker (Captain), Douglas Palmer (Builder, Fabricator, Lifter), Hannah Rucker (Main driver), Kathy Rucker (Moral support)

Hillsborough, CA


ESPRIT CAM Software, Silicon Valley Precision, Proto Labs, Kraftwerk, MaxAmps

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Check out how The Ringmaster came to life!

Battlebots Season 2 - Episode 2

Thursday, June 23rd

The qualifying round took place and The Ringmaster won its first match by a KO in the first 90 seconds against Ultimo Destructo! They are now part of the top 32 teams remaining in the competition.

Battlebots Season 2 - Episode 3

Thursday, June 30th

The qualifying rounds have finished, we now know the final 32 teams fighting in the final phase of the competition.

Battlebots Season 2 - Episode 4

Thursday, July 7th

The round of 32 started, Bronco, Minotaur, Red Devil and Yeti are already qualified for the next phase of the competition. Check the current bracket here

Battlebots Season 2 - Episode 5

Thursday, July 21st

The round of 32 continues, Tombstone, Razorback, Warhead and Poison Arrow won their ticket to the sweet 16. Check the current bracket here

Battlebots Season 2 - Episode 6

Thursday, July 28th

The Ringmaster lost on a judge's decision to last year's champion, Bite Force. It was unfortunate that our rookie bot drew such a difficult matchup but there is no better way to learn. The Ringmaster will come back next season better than ever!

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