3 Axis to Rotary Table

ESPRIT offers a powerful suite of 3-axis machining cycles for roughing, prefinishing, finishing, and remachining of complex freeform parts. ESPRIT SolidMill FreeForm™ is extensively used by customers in mold and die, tool making, discrete parts, and model-making markets. Each of ESPRIT’s 3-axis machining cycles are optimized for machining 3D models that may include surfaces, solids, and STL geometry. With ESPRIT’s Modeless Programming™, the FreeForm cycles may be used on any configuration of mill, lathe, mill-turn, and Swiss-type machine. These 3-axis cycles may also be combined within any other ESPRIT cycle to create one complete part program for the entire part.

ESPRIT´s 3D FreeForm cycles support rotary machining (the use of rotary axes) to overcome overtravel conditions that would otherwise be encountered due to exceeding the machine’s travel limits.


Anouck Barral

Application Engineer Manager

Chris Edwards

Sales Manager - UK & Ireland

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