ESPRIT Software Maintenance

DP Technology understands today's manufacturing environment and the role that technology plays in success. ESPRIT is continuously evolving, resulting in faster part programming, increased machine-tool and cutting-tool utilization, and shorter cycle times.

Keeping up-to-date with these benefits by utilizing the latest ESPRIT technology has never been easier. A Software Maintenance Contract (SMC) is the answer.

The ESPRIT Software Maintenance Contract (SMC) ensures that you always have the latest available CAM technology, in addition to unlimited access to a variety of resources for product education and support:

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Continuous access to the latest software updates

  • New 3-axis and 5-axis machining cycles
  • Existing machining cycles are continually optimized and improved
  • Feature recognition enhancement
  • Read the latest native CAD formats
  • User interface upgrades for improved ease of use
  • Numerous productivity bonuses for milling, turning and EDM machining
  • > Faster programming
    > Improved use of tooling
    > Shorter cycle times
    > New machining strategies

  • Support for the latest generation of machine tools

Live technical support

  • Assistance provided by factory certified ESPRIT Application Engineers (AEs)
  • Call the regional office nearest you
  • Your call is automatically routed to the next available engineer
  • ESPRIT AEs use a highly evolved support / resolution tracking database
  • Including a knowledge-base of stored solutions to quickly address your needs

On-line technical community

  • Round-the-clock support via ESPRITWeb
  • Tap into a national support network of ESPRIT users
  • Search Technical Bulletins
  • Access to Frequently Asked Questions
  • File Library with valuable data - post processors, macros, and add-ins
  • Share ideas and questions in the Discussion Group
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