Sliding Head Lathes Optimally Programmed with ESPRIT

Success story

By using ESPRIT CAM software for simple turned parts up to highly complex milled parts, the company achieves an increase in machine efficiency of up to 50%.

The modular design, simple handling, flexible machine simulation and process reliability are the main advantages of ESPRIT.
Kemal Tura, CEO, T+M Zerspanungstechnik

Based in Velbert, Germany, T+M Zerspanungstechnik has been producing turning parts for the medical sector as well as the electrical industry for many years. On an area of 1200 m², they manufacture a variety of diverse products, from small to large series and from turning to sliding head machining. Their team uses 33 machines from Citizen and Star to produce both simple turning parts and highly complex mill-turn parts.

Investment in the Future

Investments in new technologies are a high priority for T+M Zerspanungstechnik GmbH to meet the demands of its customers, both today and in the future. Since manual programming on lathes took up a great deal of time, especially for complex mill-turn parts, the company decided to act. "I researched on the internet to find out which CAM system would be best suited to optimally program highly complex sliding head lathes," explains Mr. Tura, Managing Director of T+M Zerspanungstechnik.

The company then contacted the ESPRIT dealer Pimpel and purchased the CAM software from them. "The implementation of ESPRIT went almost unnoticed, the installation and post-processor acceptance tests were carried out in one day," Mr. Tura remembers. "After three days of training I was able to program and manufacture the first components.”

Apprentice at T+M Zerspanungstechnik GmbH in front of a Citizen BNA42, programmed by ESPRIT

Simplified Programming Through Saved Processes

T+M Zerspanungstechnik GmbH works a lot with stored processes in ESPRIT CAM. Once saved, sequences can be reused for other components. This is a great advantage because it significantly reduces the programming time. "Thanks to the simple handling of ESPRIT and its user-friendly interface, it is child´s play to program the next components with saved processes," explains Mr. Tura.

A particular success for the company was a new lathe-milling part for the medical sector. This was impossible to program directly on the machine. Thanks to ESPRIT, programming complex products is no longer impossible at T+M Zerspanungstechnik GmbH. From simple turned parts to highly complex mill-turn parts, ESPRIT not only covers the programming, but also makes it faster and more efficient.

Support is provided by ESPRIT reseller Pimpel GmbH & Co. KG. The employees can be reached at any time by telephone or email. The managing director finds it particularly helpful that he can have the remote support of Pimpel via TeamViewer. This makes problem solving much easier and faster.

Efficiency Increase of Up to 50%

What convinced the managing director of T+M Zerspanungstechnik GmbH most of all was the fact that the ESPRIT CAM software can cover the complete programming of all machines. A further plus is also the increase in machine efficiency of up to 50 percent after programming was carried out with the help of the CAM system. The next step for Mr. Tura is to train all machine operators with ESPRIT to make programming even faster and more efficient.

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