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Together, DP Technology and its partners develop technologies that make you more productive.

OEM Partner

ESPRIT delivers an out-of-the-box approach for programming DMG / Mori Seiki’s multi-tasking machines, including machine-specific post processors and machine definitions. Program any DMG / Mori Seiki machine with complete solutions developed by DP Technology.


Featured Partners

Machine Tool Partners - Milling & Turning

DP Technology works with manufacturers of milling and turning machine tools to ensure compatibility. The programmers at DP Technology create post processors that are tested by each manufacturer and debugged to increase user satisfaction. DP Technology works with the manufacturers to guarantee that ESPRIT will run smoothly on new machine models.


Machine Tool Partners - Wire EDM

ESPRIT’s machine-specific EDM KnowledgeBase™ provides you with a full range of cutting features, automation, and factory-certified post processors to maximize performance. Readily access each EDM manufacturer’s unique cutting technology and methodologies through machine-specific technology pages.


Solution Partners

Manufacturers use the ESPRIT Tool Kit to rapidly build feature-rich CAD/CAM solutions to meet their individual needs or the specialized needs of a target market. OEMs can choose to expose any level of ESPRIT functionality to the end user, or seamlessly integrate their add-in components to supplement ESPRIT’s existing functionality. The result is a powerful, high-quality, customized software solution.

ESPRIT’s flexible component architecture allows manufacturers to utilize any level of ESPRIT functionality. ESPRIT components can be deployed to supplement an existing CAD/CAM solution operating within its current Graphical User Interface (GUI). Or manufacturer components can be added to ESPRIT and accessed through ESPRIT’s GUI. The ESPRIT GUI can be easily private labeled or otherwise customized to meet the requirements of the manufacturers.


CAD Partners & Solutions

ESPRIT's data exchange functionality will read data from most native formats, including Autodesk, Catia, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, ACIS, Pro/ENGINEER and Unigraphics. DP Technology provides complimentary add-ins for several CAD programs that allow more seamless integration of the part models, saving the user valuable time.


Technology Partners

ESPRIT is a 100% pure Windows® application built from the ground using the world’s most advanced software engineering techniques, programming tool and technology. ESPRIT offers a comfortable and familiar user interface that maximizes productivity. ESPRIT’s technology partners are the world’s leading suppliers of their respective technologies.


Industry Organizations

In support of the manufacturing community, ESPRIT is proud to participate in and/or sponsor many industry organizations and events throughout the world. This support enhances the value ESPRIT end users receive from their software and machine tool investment.

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