Does your cutting tool need a CAM software? YES, it does!

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Your cutting tool needs a CAM software, and we have the right package for you. Get the advantages of ESPRIT CAM's well-known high-speed machining cycles (milling or turning) to unlock the full potential of your cutting tool. Extend tool life, save time, improve stability, and reduce vibrations for only


450£ / 450€ per year!


ESPRIT for Profit is available for milling with ESPRIT's ProfitMilling® cycle or for turning using ESPRIT’s ProfitTurning® cycle. You can purchase the high-speed machining cycle in combination with the standard digital machine package.


ESPRIT for Profit is exclusively available in the European sales region. If you work outside Europe, please contact us for alternatives.


    For only 450£ / 450€, ESPRIT CAM has the solution for you! Have a look at the brand new offer for ESPRIT for Profit.

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    ProfitMilling is a unique, patented high-speed roughing strategy that saves time, money, and tooling over traditional concentric roughing and pocketing cycles. It enables you to: 

    1. Extend tool life up to 500%
    2. Reduce cycle times by 75% compared to traditional strategies
    3. Dynamically adjust the feedrate and direction to maintain a constant chip load
    4. Improve surface quality, even in roughing
    5. Get the most out of your equipment and take full advantage of your high-speed machining center


    ProfitTurning gives you an easy-to-program solution that brings faster cycle times and longer tool life to your lathe roughing and grooving cycles. It allows you to:

    1. Reduce your cost per part by up to 60%
    2. Provide full control over tool engagement at all stages of the cycle, ensuring a consistent chip load
    3. Reducing vibration and irregular cutting forces and extend tool life by up to 300%
    4. Reduce cycle times by 25% compared to traditional strategies
    5. Cut small, tricky areas with ease

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    ESPRIT for Profit is a new special ESPRIT edition designed to fully leverage high-speed machining technology

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