Sophisticated Multi-Axis Global Finishing

ESPRIT 2017 features a new 3-axis Global Finishing cycle that combines the best of ESPRIT Z-Level Finishing and Floor Finishing in one comprehensive solution for steep/shallow milling. Global Finishing optimizes machining by applying the most appropriate toolpath to complex parts based on an analysis of the model and a single threshold angle.

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Option to machine over openings in surfaces without stopping or retracting the tool

Sophisticated logic gives priority to continuity of toolpath between steep and shallow areas

Climb milling and spiral connections are enabled by default for smoother finishing

Optimized toolpath applies Z-level cutting passes to steep areas, boundary offset passes to shallow areas

User-defined slope angle intelligently identifies steep and shallow areas to apply appropriate toolpath


Smart Facing

The ESPRIT team redesigned ESPRIT Facing to dramatically reduce the number of steps needed to face a part. Facing, Pocketing, and Contouring are all upgraded with enhanced stock management and built-in machining intelligence for faster, more reliable programming.

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Recognition of the true shape of the stock, even on odd-shaped faces

Selection of a solid face sets the work plane of the operation, even on tilted faces

Calculation of optimal cutting angle as the shape of the stock changes

Optimized toolpath for a clean finish in minimal cutting time

Streamlined interface presents only key parameters for faster programming


Responsive 5-Axis Swarf Machining

The aerospace industry spoke and we listened with a bevy of enhancements that make 5-Axis Swarf more responsive to a wider range of part shapes. The computation of swarf toolpath now compensates more easily for unusual part geometry for smoother, more reliable 5-axis machining.

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Automatic machining over gaps in surfaces for uninterrupted toolpath

Smoother tool positioning along walls with irregular or discontinuous borders

Dependable cutting of small corners with large tools




Reliable pass extensions that follow the curvature of the part profile

Optimized tool axis orientations when toolpath starts or ends on planar faces

Smoothing of tool trajectories around sharp edges to dampen machine acceleration


More Accurate Tool Positioning on Lathe Contours

New options for Lathe Contouring offer better positioning of the tool edge along walls, at the start or end of cutting passes, and between walls. These new enhancements are particularly advantageous when contouring with round or grooving inserts.

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Control the touch point of the tool at the start or end of a profile to better accommodate different insert shapes

Prevent the tool edge from touching a vertical wall at the end of a horizontal pass with a user-controlled safety clearance

Shift the tool edge along a horizontal cut to ensure precise length compensation output




Smart Strategies for Steep/Shallow Milling

Achieving the proper finish on complex surfaces often requires a combination of finishing strategies and experience in choosing the best strategy for each type of surface. Read our white paper to learn more about ESPRIT® 2017 milling strategies.

Download White Paper
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