ESPRIT Announces Powerful Suite of Probing Cycles to Improve Setup and Accuracy

Press release

DP Technology, the parent company of the ESPRIT CAM system, introduces a new probing option that’s compatible with any combination of CNC machine, control, and touch probe manufacturer.

Camarillo, California (June 3, 2020) – DP Technology, maker of the popular ESPRIT CAM software, now offers a suite of probing cycles. Probing, which uses a sensitive touch probe to assess the dimensions of the workpiece, is an important part of any machining process. Although probing support is not new for ESPRIT, the new features of the option make it a valuable addition for manufacturing professionals. These features include:

  • Offline inspection programming, which offers users the benefits of virtual stimulation for program verification and collision detection
  • Hassle-free post processing and full control over each probing routine
  • Compatibility with more CNC machines and probe manufacturers

These new capabilities join the probing cycle’s existing features, such as:

  • Misload detection, which confirms correct part loading and reduces the risk of damage
  • On-machine inspection, which generates consistent measurements and eliminates manual measuring errors
  • Dynamic tool offsets, which automatically adapt the program considering tool wear

ESPRIT's multi-axis probing cycles may be used on the stock or workpiece to dynamically update work offsets.

Using the combination of ESPRIT probing and CNC machines outfitted with touch probes, shops will enjoy increased throughput on existing equipment while reducing operator intervention. This benefit comes along with increases in part consistency and quality.

To help users fully understand the complete capabilities of the new add-in, ESPRIT has produced a free webinar, which can be accessed any time here.

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