Employee Spotlight: Dennis Martin, Automation Engineer

ESPRIT de Corps

DP Technology has a reputation for holding on to employees for the long term, and Automation Engineer Dennis Martin is a great example.

In 1992, Dennis joined the DP team as an applications engineer in our Chicago office. After four years, he transferred to our California headquarters in 1996.

The evolution of the ESPRIT product keeps Dennis interested in his daily responsibilities, even after nearly three decades at DP. He develops and maintains many of our add-ins and extensions, including items in the Accessories Packs—and lends a hand with support issues when needed. “I enjoy finding creative and innovative ways to solve tough problems. There has been an interesting variety of problems over the years, so I’m always learning new things,” says Dennis.

Being a team member in DP’s early years had plenty of ancillary benefits, too. “I got to do a bit of international travel when we were opening our overseas offices,” Dennis says. His role brought him to Taiwan, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, France, and Sweden. “It was always a long week of work with maybe a day of sightseeing crammed in at the end, but I have fond memories of all of them. Climbing the stairs to the second level of the Eiffel Tower to avoid the long lines and finally getting to the top before sunset to watch the lights of the city come on is one I’ll never forget,” he says.

Dennis has certainly come a long way from his midwestern childhood. He grew up on a Michigan farm and then headed to the remote Upper Peninsula to attend Michigan Tech. Outside of work, Dennis keeps busy by playing bridge and tennis, as well as rediscovering his love of hiking and biking. 

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