ESPRIT Developers Network Getting Started

SUPPORT Developers Network Getting Started

Everyone is Invited...Users, NC Programmers, Software Developers.

We invite all ESPRIT users, NC programmers, independent software developers and CAD/CAM resellers, from individuals to multi-national organizations, to take advantage of this opportunity and join the ESPRIT Developer Network. Our vision is to provide the NC programmer, and thereby the ESPRIT community, with a complete suite of software tools for every conceivable NC programming task.

NC Programmers...Share your Solutions.

More than 50% of all NC programmers have already created some kind of “macro” to automate a unique repetitive task they perform. Share your macros (add-ins) with the rest of the ESPRIT community where everyone can profit from your development investment. Join today and share your expertise.

Software Developers...A New Growing Market Awaits You.

By joining the ESPRIT Developer Network and integrating your add-in software into ESPRIT, you will have a large new market into which you can distribute your products. In addition, if your add-in qualifies as a “Commercial Application”, you will benefit from significant marketing and distribution aid from DP Technology. Learn more and join today.

CAD/CAM Resellers...To Everyone's Benefit.

Many installations of CAM software require some “customization” via the development of macros or add-ins. This customization adapts the software to meet the individual needs of a particular customer and his/her application. By joining the ESPRIT Developer Network and sharing these software solutions with the rest of the ESPRIT community, we will all profit. Learn more and join today.

Join Today...It's Simple and It's Free.

Your first step in getting started is to join the ESPRIT Developer Network. It’s simple and it's free. This world-class developer program provides you with all of the tools and support you need to be successful developing add-in software and macros for ESPRIT. Join Today!

Sign-Up for Training...Learning the Key Technology, the ESPRIT API.

As a registered developer you will already know Visual Basic and / or C++. However, you may be unfamiliar with the ESPRIT API (Application Programming Interface), the key technology you will use when developing your software. Therefore, DP Technology gladly offers you a free ESPRIT API / Developer Network training course at any one of DP Technology’s US training centers (Camarillo, Chicago, or Charlotte).

Developing Your Software Solution...Assistance is at your Fingertips.

Once you are registered as a Developer, technical assistance and co-marketing opportunities are at your fingertips. You also have access to a burgeoning community of Developers whom you can leverage through joint development, joint marketing, or other types of relationships to strengthen your product offering and business. The Developer Network portion of the ESPRIT CustomerWeb portal will be an invaluable aid in your software development efforts.

Certification...Recognition, Credibility, A Stamp of Approval.

Once your add-in is complete you can apply for certification as a Commercial Application. This special level of recognition will add credibility to your software by adding DP’s stamp of approval. An add-in which passes DP’s certification process is eligible to receive special exposure and “special” co-operative marketing support. Commercial Applications will come complete with documentation, are formally supported (usually via email), include an installation program, and use “Add-In” technology.

The ESPRIT Add-In Store...Promoting Your Solution.

The ESPRIT Add-In Store is hosted by Yahoo! and developed and supported by DP Technology as a courtesy to the ESPRIT Developer Network and end user community. It provides a complete listing of all add-in software and macros solutions, including description, price, and certification level (if applicable). Software may be reviewed, downloaded and purchased directly from this on-line store.