ESPRIT - B-Axis Contouring

B-Axis Contouring for Multi-tasking Machines

B-axis contouring achieves higher performance from multi-tasking machines. This innovative lathe finishing cycle can cut continuously along inner and outer profiles in one step, and with just one tool.

Traditional contouring cycles require a series of turning tools with differing tool geometry. B-axis contouring adopts a more efficient approach by continuously rotating the B-axis as the tool follows the contour, allowing the cutting tool to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible due to the tool's geometry.

B-axis contouring offers a unique opportunity for advanced users of mill-turn machine tools, or for those who seek to streamline operations, as the cycle reduces the number of required cutting tools and tool changes. This results in a smooth and step-less finish, as well as significant savings in both time and money.