ESPRIT 2017 - Simpler Interaction



Easier Feature Editing

Easily edit the path of a feature by selecting and deleting geometry you do not want to machine. Surrounding elements are automatically extended and connected to cover the gap.

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Edit chains, pocket features, and turning profiles

Select and delete as many elements as desired

Delete a starting element without reversing the feature

Update all associated toolpath in a single click to reflect the new feature path




Detailed Recognition of Complex Holes

Complex holes are now recognized as a succession of sections, each with its own set of properties. These detailed properties are exposed in the ESPRIT API to help users automate the programming of custom holes.

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Easy access to custom hole properties in the Property Manager

Identification of each section as one of four standard hole types: Straight (cylindrical), Taper (chamfer), Blend (radius), Face (flat)

Exposure of custom hole properties in ESPRIT API


EDM No-Core Pocketing for Open Profiles

In response to requests from the field, EDM pocketing now supports open profiles. Use open pocketing to efficiently cut small openings along a contour. First use efficient contouring to drop the slug, then follow up with no-core pocketing to burn away only the small amount of material that remains.

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Apply no-core pocketing on open profiles

Save time by contouring larger areas first, then pocket only where needed

Burn small openings safely and accurately

Simplified CAM for Advanced EDM Wire Cutting

A challenge with simplifying a CAM system is to give the user control over the machining process while reducing time and effort. Read our white paper to learn more about how ESPRIT® 2017 get results faster with more reliability.

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