Strategic Machining

Streamline your programming workflow with our new Stock Automation Strategies. This strategy makes the operation aware of the current state of the stock which will avoid air cutting and any unnecessary moves.

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Stock Automation

The pocket was roughed with a smaller tool, stock automation and the ProfitMilling. With stock automation, you only remove the material remaining in corner and narrow slots.
The final contouring uses a smaller tool, stock automation and a Trochoidal Strategy to remove only the material remaining in corners and narrow slots.

New calculating functions

Calculating toolpath only where stock remains from previous operations when Facing, Contouring, and Pocketing with a click of a mouse. ESPRIT maintains awareness of stock removed during previous operations so you can see where you have machined and where you need to machine.

  • Reduce air cutting.
  • Optimize the number of tools used in operations.
  • Streamline the programming workflow, no need to program further operations.
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Slot and Barrel Tool Support

A barrel-shaped cutter produces a much better surface finish by taking the advantage of side tool.
Barrel-shaped cutters are now supported in 5-axis Blade and Composite cycles.
To cut horizontal planes precisely with the upper cutting edge of a Slot Mill tool.

New tools are now supported for better machining capabilities

In ESPRIT 2015, Barrel tool is now supported in 5-Axis blade and composite cycles. It enables you to take full advantage of side tool of the cutter to reach a better surface finish. Using slot mill tools with 3-Axis Z-Level roughing allows you to use the upper and lower cutting edge of the tool. Slot Mill Tools also enables you to work through any challenge such as square shoulder milling , T-slotting , cut-off, deep slotting, etc…

  • Wider tool recognition for milling operations.
  • Better quality surface finish.

Independent Entry and Exit Strategy

The new Exit strategy gives you more options on tool setting up.

Define individual setup for entry and exit moves

A new Exit group has been added to the Links Tab on all 3-Axis and 5-Axis milling cycles that allows you to choose not only how your tool approaches the stock but how it departs from it.

  • Define Entry and Exit moves easily.
  • Quick access to new Exit options that are not dictated by the Entry options.

Collision Detection

Without collision detection, the holder extension collides with the stock model
With collision detection against the tool assembly, the toolpath is calculated to avoid collisions

Collision Detection

Collision detection in Z-Level Roughing has been enhanced to produce toolpath that avoids all collisions between the tool assembly and the stock. This allows the tool to cut the maximum amount of stock possible while considering the shape of its assembly.

  • Roughing supports two previously unsupported options.
  • New option available to save tool assembly wear and tear.