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Bottom Up Roughing

Conventional Top Down Roughing (left) vs. Our new Bottom Up Roughing (Right)

Designed from the Bottom Up

Save money and time with ESPRIT 2015’s new Bottom Up Roughing strategy, which allows the user to set a maximum vertical plunge as well as an incremental depth. The maximum vertical plunge will be used to make a pass at this depth while the incremental depth is used to create incremental passes from the bottom up. When this is combined with our patent pending ProfitMilling algorithm, you will experience a drastic increase in tool-life and a massive reduction in machining time.

  • Drastic Tool-Life increases.
  • Massive Machining time decrease.
  • Cost effective solution to traditional roughing.
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Wrap Contouring Conical Stock

New parallel wall setting
The part rotates along a locked axis as the tool moves along the wrapped toolpath

Machining on non-programmable Y-Axis

The Wrap Contouring cycle has been enhanced to allow "Radial Wall" or "Constant Offset" milling with a non-constant diameter. One linear axis can remain at a constant value while the tool path is wrapped on the feature in order to machine out features wrapped around conical shapes.

  • Quick ways of cutting out slots with parallel walls.
  • Toolpath can now be generated on stock with a non-constant diameter.

Extra Concentric Finishing Moves

New moves for a better cycle

A new option has been added to the Concentric Finishing cycle which calculates extra cutting passes and replaces sharp corners with rounded moves to eliminate excess stock material on machine surfaces.

  • Less residual stock material remains.
  • Round your sharp corners for easier tooling.
  • Elimination of small uncut areas.
Before Application
After Application
Selecting the option to add extra moves can be done with the click of a button.


Undercut travel path.

Not visible but totally accessible

Undercut Machining is now supported by 3-Axis Z-Level Finishing, where as only the 3-Axis LEGACY Z-Level Finishing cycle previously supported undercut machining. Now you can machine away areas that are not visible when the part is viewed from the top. Z-Level Finishing has been enhanced to let you create uninterrupted toolpaths in areas where there are no touch points of the tool on faces in undercut areas.

  • Access those hard to machine areas.
  • Only two conditions needed to automatically machine an undercut.