Intelligent Machining

Minimize your programming time and gain control of your machine with our newly designed 5-Axis cycles.

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Port Roughing

Port roughing is precise due to it's stepover rate that works from the top down

Start at the surface

Use this Port Roughing Cycle for hard to reach areas. This cycle is especially useful for parts seen in the automotive and aeronautics industry. Port roughing allows the user to create a 5-axis roughing operation to remove material inside an area where the tool must enter through a restricted opening.

  • A completely new 5 –Axis roughing cycle.
  • Better surface for the finishing cycle.

4-Axis Impeller Roughing

The fixed angle of the part is reference to the tool's axis

New and improved cycle

The impeller cycle has been redesigned to let you set values for angle limitations, including a fixed angle with a reference axis, which lets you perform 4-Axis roughing with one of the rotary axes locked.

  • Faster machining time when working in 4-Axis instead of 5.
  • Set additional limits on the tilt of the tool axis during impeller machining from 75 to 90 degrees.

5-Axis Chamfering

A path is created along the 3D edge which the tool swiftly follow

Two new strategies for chamfering edges

You can now chamfer edges along a 3D curve when the chamfer is not designed on the edges of the 3D model. You can also chamfer on the internal faces of the model by utilizing the new Undercut Chamfering Strategy.

  • Chamfer along 3D edges with ease.
  • Chamfer on internal faces with undercuts.