Enhance the feature recognition and handling on solid models to apply machining operations easier than ever before. Our new data exchange features will allow you to get the most out of your solids, letting you work quicker than before.

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Auto Chain and Wall

When connected faces are grouped, a chain is created around the outer border and any internal openings.
If there is a gap between the grouped faces, separate features are created.

Auto Chain and Wall

Auto Chain allows you to create chains directly from the solid model, for example, solid faces, face loops and edges. This will speed up your work flow exponentially.

You can also create features by grouping the connected faces and edges, even when the faces are differentiating heights. The wall features recognizes the upper and lower limits to vertically connected faces along with tapers the orientation of the grouped faces.

  • Create features and chains quickly.
  • Move from feature creation to operations easily.
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Face Stategy

To merge tiny tangent faces into a single face on an imported solid model.
Connect Faces allows you to create a single surface between selected faces.
Covering will find and cover openings in the selected solid faces.
Extend Faces creates surfaces to extend the edges of a solid model.

Merge, covering, extend and connect

The new Merge Faces command has been added to the Solid Modeler toolbar. This feature lets you merge tiny tangent faces into a single face on import models.

Three new commands have been added to the Knitted Surfaces toolbar. The Covering creates and fills surfaces over openings in solid faces in order to cover gaps of a solid model as both a surface or a solid sheet between selected edges, thus allowing you to cover complex openings.

Extend faces allows you to create surfaces to extend the edges of a solid model while connect faces lets you to create a single surface between selected faces.

  • Cover complex areas to make the machining operations flow smoothly.

Enhanced Data Exchange

Right click on one sketch, you can find the “Create All Planes”, “Create All Curves” and “Create All Geometry” options.
A model imported into ESPRIT with the new and improved FX Technology.

Import Sketchs, feature profiles and curves from CAD

ESPRIT 2015 allows you to use new data exchange features to get of more information from CAD Solids like sketches, feature profiles, and curves from CATIA, PRO-E and NX/UG.

  • Create features easier from CAD models.
Data exchange